Commercial Interior

Commercial Interior Painters Dedicated to Your Business

When it comes to choosing a commercial or industrial painting contractor, exceptional-quality work is a must. But what is equally important is a company that makes your life easier by handling every detail of the job.
The requirements of a commercial painting project demand a disciplined and focused approach from the very start. Our team of commercial painting specialists is committed to delivering a quality experience and professional results on every project, every time.

Protect Before your project begins, your furniture will be protected from dust and paint. Smoke detectors and sprinkler heads are masked or shut down in accordance with building and local fire codes. Signs and barriers are used liberally to direct building occupants and guests safely around the work site. Our crew also covers your floors with drop cloths and masks all fixtures, hinges, and doorknobs to shield them from dust and paint drips.
Prepare Filling nail holes, fixing cracks, and stripping old wall coverings is standard procedure before we start your project. Dirt and dust are cleaned off surfaces to improve paint adhesion, and uneven surfaces are sanded to ensure a smooth finish. We also repair plaster cracks and caulk gaps where trim molding meets walls and ceilings. Negative air machines and air scrubbers are used to properly ventilate your building and minimize fumes when required. If your establishment has high ceilings or other elevated areas to be painted, scaffolding may be erected.
Apply Our commercial painting teams apply the right primers and finishes to withstand the demands of your business. You can have it all from basic wall coatings to industrial epoxies and everything in between. Ask about white board paint and other specialty coatings that replace expensive projector screens.