Residential Interior

Get fine Interior house painting in MA.

Roma Home Painting is one of the premier interior painting companies in Massachusetts. We specialize in a wide range of interior painting services for both big and small jobs. We are able to provide satisfaction and customer-delight to all of our customers with quality workmanship, superior products and fine service.
We treat your home and belongings with respect, do a quality job, and always stand behind our work.

Protect: Before starting any project, Roma Home Painting takes all necessary measures to protect your belongings. All furniture, floors, fixtures, hinges and doorknobs are covered and masked to shield them from dust and paint.
Prepare: To lay a flawless foundation, our crew thoroughly prepares your walls prior to paint application. This means filling nail holes, stripping old wall coverings, repairing plaster cracks and holes, and caulking gaps where trim molding meets walls and ceilings. We also carefully sand and dust all surfaces.
Apply: Taking into consideration the unique requirements of your project, our professionals use the latest interior house painting technology and equipment to produce a finished result that adds refinement to every room in your home.